Welcome to Wittedrift High School
At Wittedrift High School we value holistic education
Let me introduce to you Wittedrift High School: the small school with the HUGE heart. Here, our children’s happiness and well-being lie at the heart of everything we do.
Every parent sooner or later has to answer the question, “To which school do I send my children?” The choice you exercise will undoubtedly affect your children’s future development – either adding or detracting from their future opportunities. It is a fact that no longer can any parent merely accept that all schools offer the quality education we want for our children and which all children deserve.


At Wittedrift High School we value holistic education; the emphasis is on the intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development of each child.  A well-qualified, experienced and fully committed staff provides teaching, guidance and support to our learners – each one of them epitomising our ethos of value-driven teaching.

You will, undoubtedly, be impressed by both our young people and our beautiful school. We trust that you will find all the information you seek on this site. However, this website constitutes the more static part of our presence in cyberspace. For current video clips, photographs and news, please follow the link to our Facebook page. 


A Holistic Approach To Education

 Together with a well-developed, modern leadership programme.