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Born In Africa

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Social Development

Wittedrift High School is proud to be associated with the Born in Africa organisation.

Born in Africa is a non-profit organisation, active in socio-economically disadvantaged areas around Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

Education is one of the fundamental rights of all children. Therefore, we are committed to the long-term educational development of underprivileged children in South Africa. A solid education provides solutions for these children, equipping them to get out of hopeless situations – often dominated by poverty, abuse, and unemployment. Only when these children are given the opportunity to obtain a decent education, will they have any hope of entering the labour market.

Children who are part of our programme receive individual mentorship, curricular assistance, attend camps and other activities – such as swimming or extra English classes and we have also been involved in supplying our students with new uniforms, school equipment and study bursaries. All of this gives us a well-rounded approach as we attempt to address all the crucial areas of need in learners’ lives.

Born in Africa has been affiliated with Wittedrift High school since 2010. The small school with the huge heart just seemed like the educational institution where Born in Africa wanted their students to complete their education. The school boasts an impressive matric pass rate, incredible teaching staff dedicated to their learners, brilliant academic, sporting, and cultural opportunities. Born in Africa wanted to be synonymous with them by offering our students what they had.

Another important aspect for us, at the time, was that the school offered our students who come from compromised home situations the opportunity to attend the weekly boarding school. This was important for us, as we knew that our learners could study in a safe environment and were also able to take part in sporting and cultural activities. We have always felt such a part of the school since the beginning and were welcomed with open arms. The school assists with the strict academic requirements we insist our pupils bring to the party. With sponsors working extremely hard to ensure the learners receive top-notch education, we also require the learners to deliver above average results.

Since we have had many graduates at Wittedrift High School and assisted them successfully through their tertiary education, we are proud to share a few of the success stories.

- Ruduwaan Myburgh, who hails from the Kranshoek Griekwa community, graduated as a high school teacher from the University of the Western Cape and has since taught at various schools. He has always been proud of his roots and this is one of the reasons he became a teacher: to instil roots and values into the young people of today.

- Cameron Stuurman is currently working for SAPS as a forensic anthropologist, after graduating with his master’s degree from UWC.

- Candy Gadebe is currently working as a Financial Consultant at Alan Gray in Cape Town. Candy was one of our first graduates from Wittedrift High School and one of the motivators to the young people to follow her to achieve success.

- Mandy Mngomezulu is currently teaching at high school level. This remarkable young woman, who was raised by her granny, graduated as an Honours student in Journalism from the esteemed Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

- Tameryn Zondage graduated from Wittedrift High School and went on to become a Somatologist – top of her class. She has since embarked on wonderful career journey, working on the cruise ships and is getting to see the world and doing what she loves most in the world.

- Evana Le Fleur, also a Wittedrift High School alumnus, is currently the head chef at a restaurant in Plettenberg Bay, after graduating from the NQtac Hospitality school in George. She has featured in magazines as one of South Africa’s up-and-coming chefs.

The passion, commitment and enthusiasm our learners boast attending Wittedrift High School just inspires the next graduates to work equally hard to achieve academic excellence. We are also proud to announce that each year Born in Africa students feature in leadership positions at the school. Head Girl, Deputy Head girl, school prefect, hostel prefects are just a few of the leadership roles our students have filled at the school.

Each year, we continue to look forward to enrol new students at Wittedrift High and we have the utmost confidence they are in good hands as we as Born in Africa and Wittedrift High School share the same ethos, commitment and value for each learner.

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