Offering A Home Away From Home

The school provides comprehensive and secure hostel/boarding facilities for learners. Our mission at House Kritzinger is to ensure it is a home away from home for our boarding learners.

The hostel opened on 22 June 1949. House Kritzinger Hostel was named after Reverend Kritzinger, who served at the Wittedrift NG Church when the hostel was constructed. The hostel has a maximum capacity of 70 learners and houses both boys and girls, from Grades 8 to 12.

Acceptance in the hostel is on a strictly “first come (and paid), first served” basis. Learners are expected to comply with a well-defined code of conduct. The hostel is closed during the school holidays and over weekends.

Accommodation can be single or shared (two per room) - experience has shown that this gives learners a greater sense of belonging and security. However, Grade 12 learners have single rooms, allowing learners more time to focus on the demands of Grade 12.

The hostel provides full board: learners enjoy three balanced meals per day; there are appropriate recreational and study facilities available.

Constant renovations ensure the hostel accommodation provides boarders with the most comfortable stay. Security gates were recently added to all opening doors, as well as burgular bars to all windows on ground level. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness and aesthetics of the buildings and grounds. By maintaining this standard, we strive to prepare boys and girls with skills in not only academics, sport and culture, but also social and emotional skills – to equip them for a bright future, as alumni of Wittedrift High School.

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